Peter Collins 

John Baker 

as the Debt Collectors

Jason Bradshaw

Steve Bradshaw

as the Electricians

also Starring

Bethany Edwards 


Nicky Hall

Heather Tracy

Mekh Bahadur Gurung

Mark Bowers 

Benjamin Lok

Ceri Elwick

Howard Elwick 

Jade Hinder

Christina Moat

 Jane/Campsite Owner


 Nepalese Guide

 Van driver


 Female camper

 Male camper



Eliza & Sadie Brown


Isabella Polidoro Yahampath

Ceri Elwick


Howard Elwick

Nicky Hall

Christina Moat

Kathryn Seabrook

Barry Tindall

Aerial Photography

Matthew Moat

Special Effects

Mariusz Gomolka

Christina Moat

Hair & Makeup

Original Soundtrack

Eamonn Karran

Eamonn Karran appears by kind permission of Real Music

Produced, Written & Directed by

Norman Hall

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© 2018 Varium Films.

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